avast! Browser Cleanup

avast! Browser Cleanup 2015 10.2.2218.71

Remove harmful toolbars and search settings. Clean up your browser for free now.


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Remove harmful toolbars and search settings. Clean up your browser for free now.

Toolbars and search resets are not only annoying, they're potentially dangerous. They often get added when installing an otherwise legitimate program, without you even noticing. Once added, they can be difficult to get rid of as they track what you do online. They can also see data stored on your computer, such as your personal photos, manipulate your search results to their financial advantage and slow down your browser. Removing these add-ons and restoring your browser to its initial, clean state makes you safer, and can substantially speed up your browser and PC. Avast Browser Cleanup provides the essential security you need to protect yourself from unwanted add-ons by removing annoying extensions, potentially harmful toolbars and hijacked search settings, leaving you with only the harmless and non-intrusive add-ons you want. Avast Browser Cleanup brings you a safer way to browse the web.

Remove harmful add-ons

Restore your browser search settings

Clean up your browser for free

avast! Browser Cleanup


avast! Browser Cleanup 2015 10.2.2218.71

User reviews about avast! Browser Cleanup

  • aaroncarloligo

    by aaroncarloligo

    "to clean the computer"

    i think avast cleanup is one way of cleaning the computer to remove the hidden virus and also to remove all the affected... More.

    reviewed on September 12, 2015

  • vins1234

    by vins1234

    "Really useful app!"

    Really useful app! It does exactly what I expected. ++++++++. More.

    reviewed on June 8, 2015

  • MrQuillen

    by MrQuillen

    "Looks like a Search Engine switch scam"

    False positives every other day, with an attempt to change my default search provider in order to remove hits. If any o... More.

    reviewed on October 30, 2014